Pokesav 0.39, English translation of my french translation

What is Pokesav ?

PokeSav is a utility for editing Pokemon Diamond/Pearl save files for FlashCarts (*.dat/*.sav/*.0) or emulators.
It is also useful to generate Action Replay codes

Why this version ?

I have released a french translation of Pokesav, first, the 0.38b, and now, the 0.39
For this translation, I have completely revamped the UI with smaller size, reorganized screens, and I have corrected some glitch (like the extra spaces in Original Names)
Now, as a tribute to te GSD original translater of thez japanese version, I release this 'back to English' version.
Please, don't be too hard with my English, I'am French :-)

Where can I get Pokesav 0.39?

You can download it ==> HERE (V 1.0 RC, released August 20, 2007)

To uncompress the '.7z' file, use the Open-Source utility 7-Zip.

And now ?

If you need this programm and came here, I think you know what to do with.

More to come, stay tuned on several forum (GBATemp, DS Scene)
I plan to release little blog like site to interact with user; be patient.